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East Ridge
Silver Valley Area
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United States
47° 29' 54.456" N, 116° 6' 22.2264" W
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Thu, 02/10/2022 - 13:00
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Rapid warming
Snowpit Observations
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We had a nice run on a sun baked southern aspect in the afternoon. We noted small pinwheels (>40 cm) starting to form on 35 degree, south facing slopes below 5000ft. There was no evidence of loose/wet even on slippers approaching 39 degrees.

While the top layer of the snowpack was heavy with water, the snowpack in general was unreactive to instability tests. We uncovered some layers that were prone to movement during a shovel shear test, but were entirely free of reaction with a CT, ECT and deep tap test.

Keep an eye on the crust that is keeping the water from moving deeper into the snowpack. Continued warmer temps may pull the loose afternoon snow deeper into the snowpack, resulting in higher consequences got instability.

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